Mulch and topsoil products are available for pickup or delivery within Lancaster County.
There is a charge for delivery. One scoop = 3/4 cubic yard. One scoop covers  
approximately 100 square feet at 2 ½" thick or approximately 120 square feet at 2" thick.
Pay upon delivery with cash or we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American
Express by phone.  We are unable to accept checks.  
To place an order for delivery, Call
us at 717-569-4748.  Email us for pricing information.  In season, you can Order Online  
to pick up mulch and soil by the scoop (to be loaded on your truck or trailer).

Online orders are for pickup only.
              **All orders for delivery MUST be placed via phone!**

Premium Bark Mulch: Triple cut, fine texture and extra dark color

Colored Mulches: (Red, Black, Brown) Double cut , nice texture, retains its color, non-
toxic to plants and animals. Plan to install colored mulch so it has time to cure several days
in the sun (
contact us for details).

Premium Blend Mulch: (Blend of Hardwoods) Double cut, slightly coarser in texture
than Premium Bark

Hardwood Mulch: (Hardwood/ Bark/ Leaves) Double cut, nice texture, blend of
hardwood, bark and composted leaves

Mushroom Soil: Good soil builder in gardens, flower beds, but NOT around acid-loving
plants; Can have a strong odor when spread or aerated

Screened Topsoil: Screened product excellent for planting beds and seeding grass

Wood Carpet: Wood product designed for play areas and paths

Fill Soil: Unscreened soil, contains some clumps and rocks

Riverstone: 1"-3" decorative stone with some fines, varies in color & size

3/4" Crushed Stone: Clean Gravel is great for drainage or the 3/4" Stone with Stone
Dust packs down for driveways, paths & shed foundations.
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We will gladly email you a product price list.
To place an order and for the quickest response
regarding pricing, please call us at
717-569-4748.  Thank you!